Stiernhöök Upper Secondary School wanted to give students who had little experience in machine driving before coming to the school a solid foundation to stand on. At the same time, they saw an opportunity to save fuel, money, and the environment. That was the thought process back in 2016 when the decision was made to purchase simulators for the school. Today, the simulator room is well used, and the hours spent in the simulators are integrated into the curriculum. Students can go here during free periods and many of the boarding students also practice during evenings.

"We do a lot of driving, which uses a lot of diesel, and we have calculated that the environmental impact has been reduced by about 30% since we bought the simulators."
Mikael Bryngelsson
Teacher Agricultural program
  • It is easy for teachers to monitor and evaluate how students use the simulators. As each student has a personal login, teachers can see how each student has been driving, how many hours they have practiced, and what exercises they have done.
  • In the simulators, students cannot cheat and move on to the next exercise without passing previous exercises. They also find out immediately if they have done something wrong, and the teachers at school feel that students have become more accurate since the school introduced simulation-based teaching.
  • Students who have not used the machines before joining the school benefit greatly from being able to learn the basics of the simulator in a simple and safe way before they enter a real machine. Students who have driven a lot at home may initially find that the simulator feels a bit different from what they’re used to, but the simulators also provide new insights. For example, they can more clearly see mistakes they have made before that they were previously unaware of.
"All students in year 1 of the agricultural programme take the basic machine driving course, which focuses on tractor driving. Out of the 12-hour course, we aim for 4 hours to be spent in the simulator."
Mikael Bryngelsson
Teacher Agricultural program

About Stiernhöök Upper Secondary School

  • Stiernhöök Upper Secondary School is situated on the shores of Siljan in Rättvik, Dalarna, and has about 500 students.
  • Agriculture is the largest programme and has three specializations: Agriculture, Animal Care, and Horses. The school also offers preparatory programmes for higher education, and other vocational programmes.
  • Since 2016, they have had two Mobile Unit simulators with motion base and licenses to drive the track excavator, tractor, articulated hauler, forklift, truck with trailer, and wheel loader. They are also licensed for MME – Multi Machine Environment, where multiple machines can work together in the same environment.

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