Tenstar Simulation’s Track Excavator Simulator allows you to practise in a safe and effective way, with low operating costs and minimal environmental impact.


The Tenstar Track Excavator simulator continues to be our most popular machine. It comes with an extensive exercise program, designed by experts, suited for both beginners as well as experienced operators.

Practice everything from the basic controls and manoeuvring, to advanced operations and collaborative exercises in our Virtual Training Space with an extensive worksite.

Learn how to do a pre-start equipment check and get the hang of a jump turn, try out different kinds of buckets and even tilt-rotator.

The simulator is a full-scale training tool with realistic machine behaviour and professional components such as joysticks and pedals. All in a cutting-edge graphic virtual environment.

The Tenstar Track Excavator offers intergrated Machine control systems from world leading brands.


Exercise examples

Developed in collaboration with recognized authorities, our curriculum ensures an education that seamlessly fits into existing programs, all within the simulator. Students begin by learning basic theory, acquire the essential skills for vehicle control, and eventually move up to tackle more advanced aspects and manoeuvres.

Explore handpicked exercises from our curriculum, ranging from foundational concepts to advanced techniques.

EXERCISE examples


The user practises controlling the machine, from basic driving and turning to navigating more difficult obstacles.

EXERCISE examples

Operating the arm

The user practises operating the excavator arm in a series of increasingly challenging exercises which involve touching targets and avoiding obstacles.

EXERCISE examples


The user practises grading in a series of increasingly challenging exercises. As the exercises increase in difficulty, factors such as angle and time limit are affected

EXERCISE examples


The user practises loading an articulated hauler in an exercise which features a wide variety of our simulators functions;

  • Machine Control System to aid in earth moving.
  • Calling on and loading a hauler.
  • Avoiding minor and major mistakes, such as inefficient earth loading and damaging the other machine.
  • Optional Multi-Machine exercise featuring multiple users collaborating.

EXERCISE examples

construction site sandbox

An open exercise that can be used to practice many different tasks. The user can either choose a task or have one assigned by an instructor.

  • Grading on rough terrain
  • Trench with angle on rough terrain
  • Expose a well
  • Trench with angle
  • Trench and excavation
  • Prepare ramp for dump truck
  • Prepare foundation
  • Trenches in terraces in slope
  • Simple pipe trench with slope


tilt rotator

Tilt rotators have revolutionized the way excavators operate, adding a new dimension of flexibility and precision to construction and excavation projects.

The tilt rotator has long been a standard in Scandinavia, and is gaining popularity in the rest of the world.



In collaboration with GROUNDWORKS:
The trench box.
Exercises for this world-leading product in trench safety is included in the Tenstar Track Excavator Simulator



Our most advanced solution.
Tenstar motion base is 3 DOF (Degree of Freedom) using advanced motion pattern technology which enhances the feeling of working in an actual machine.

Motion base for enhanced realism

Tenstar Steering Wheel with or without FNR-shifter

Interchangeable track or traffic pedals

Professional low driver seat with seat belt

Add joysticks with quick-switch to enable more machine types
(Standard, Forestry, Forklift, and Timber Crane Truck controllers)

Touch screen for user interaction

Three 43″ landscape screens in the front

One optional 43″ landscape screen in the rear

recommend HARDWARE


Our latest simulator unit, the Tenstar Pedestal, offers a whole new way of using the machines from the Tenstar catalog. With just the Pedestal unit and a VR headset, users can simulate different machines while taking up minimal physical space, but still being completely immersed in our virtual world.


TENSTAR scoring system

Tenstar Scoring System provides performance-based scorecards and progress charts – focusing on Safety, Quality and Economy – enabling evaluation, feedback and incentive for student progress and development.



TRR – Tenstar Record and Replay makes it possible to replay a situation in slow motion, in full 3D and with the possibility to rotate. The students and teacher can easily assess why a situation occurred and understand how it could be prevented.


multi machine

Multi Machine Environment – MME, allows the users to network multiple simulator seats/machines into one site environment. An example of this can be seen in the road construction exercise where a track excavator work with two articulated dump trucks delivering material to a dozer carrying out final trimming on the highway.

machines and people interacting


Tenstar Virtual Training Space, VTS, is the natural evolution of simulation training. It allows multiple users to enter the same space, making interactive, cooperative advanced training possible. Teamwork is essential to any work environment, especially when operating heavy machinery. With the Tenstar simulator, users can safely, regardless of weather, practice simultaneous use of multiple machines in collaborative exercises.

An example of this can be seen in the road construction exercise where a track excavator works with two articulated dump trucks, delivering material to a dozer carrying out final trimming on the highway.

Up to 4 users can interact as VR-Avatar, for example as:

– an instructor giving instructions
– a surveyor/grade controller setting out for machines
– a machine banksman/traffic marshal/siteforeman

This provides non machine operators the unique opportunity to interact with site operations in a safe and controlled environment, the training possibilities are endless!

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