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Quick-switch lets you change joysticks in 10 seconds

Using our simulator with the correct controllers for each machine or vehicle is essential for an authentic experience....

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Record your exercise and watch it back with TRR

Tenstar Record and Replay makes it possible for users to replay a sequence in full 3D and learn from what happened....

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The Tenstar Ambulance

Soon coming your way!...

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Five segments – 23 machines

Tenstar Simulation offers the unique ability to combine several machine types within the same platform providing the benefit of flexible and cost-effective learning.


Track Excavator • Wheel Excavator • Wheel Loader • Articulated Hauler • Grader • Dozer • Tower Crane • Telescopic Handler


Forklift • Lorry Loader • Timber Crane Truck • Telescopic Handler • Wheel Loader


Car • Bus • Truck with trailer • Long Hauler


Tractor • Combine Harvester • Telescopic Handler • Wheel Loader


Forwarder • Harvester

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Score based on Safety, Quality & Economy

Tenstar Scoring System

TSS - Tenstar Scoring System enables evaluation, feedback and incentives for the student’s progress. This allows the teacher to follow each student’s development and provide personalised instructions.

The scoring system enables real-time feedback to the student, which ensures continued and focused improvement in important areas. Students and teachers can review continued development over time and get help identifying areas that need further improvement.

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Simulation-based training is

Effective, safe and green

Effective training

Simulators allow students to get more hours in the machine, regardless of season and weather, and even practice on their own without teacher presence.

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Safe training

Students train in a safe and relaxed environment. They can practice extreme situations and operations without risking injury or machine damage.

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Green training

Producing and running a simulator that uses only electricity and no fossil fuels leaves a minimal climate footprint compared to a traditional machine.

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Analyze and improve

Tenstar Record & Replay

TRR - Tenstar Record and Replay makes it possible to replay a situation in slow motion, all in 3D and with the possibility to rotate to the best viewpoint.

The students or the teacher can easily assess why a situation occurred and understand how it could be prevented. The recording is automatically stored in a small format allowing many individual runs to be saved over a long period of time.

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easy to expand

customize your simulator

Several users in the same simulation

Multi Machine Environment

MME - Multi Machine Environment, allows several users and machines, to work together in the same environment promoting communication and teamwork. We can also include an avatar to interact on-site inside the virtual environment using only a VR-headset, hand controls and a computer - we call this VR Walkaround.

MME and WR-WA create unique opportunities to practise together in a safe and controlled environment making the training possibilities endless!

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Immerse yourself with Virtual Reality

Using a VR-headset adds more realism to the simulation with high-quality graphics and better depth perception.

Our simulators and vehicles are VR-ready and VR is used for both driving the machine and for in-person VR-walkaround during machine introduction and inspection.

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Tenstar User Xperience

TUX - Tenstars User Xperience is our interface that offers a clean and simple look to our simulators, making use of all screens to navigate and select machine types and exercises.

All interaction with the simulator is managed with a user-friendly touch screen interface that is self-explanatory minimizing the need for the presence of an instructor. The system also allows the student to resume where he or she previously left off, simply by logging in.

SOON TO COME - Tenstar will be launching sound instructions to make our simulators even more user friendly.

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The entry-level solution.

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The complete solution for car simulation.

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The ideal solution.

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