Tenstar simulation

virtual training space

VTS – VIRTUAL TRAining space

machines and people interacting

Tenstar Virtual Training Space is the natural evolution of simulation training. 

It allows multiple users to enter the same virtual space, making interactive, cooperative advanced training possible. 

Users can utilize a wide variety of machines, vehicles, and even avatars, all working together to complete realistic exercises. 

virtual training space

interactive avatar

The user can enter the virtual site as an avatar in the form of a banksman, site supervisor, or even an instructor, to lead the on-site process from a uniquely immersive first-person perspective.

Up to 4 users can interact simultaneously as avatars. This provides non-machine operators the unique opportunity to interact with site operations in a safe and controlled environment.

The avatar has several functions and tools to interact with the space, machine operators and other avatars.

virtual training space


Each user uses their own simulator, depending on which machine, vehicle or avatar they want to operate.

The simulators are connected to a network, giving access to the same virtual training space.

The users select an exercise that includes other users.

Each user follows the instructions for the exercise, giving them tasks depending on which simulator they are using.

virtual training space


In this exercise, a track excavator unloads soil onto an articulated hauler, directed by a site supervisor. The excavator digs and unloads the soil onto the hauler.
As the hauler has become fully loaded, it drives away to unload.

virtual training space


In this exercise one track excavator, one or two articulated haulers, one dozer and a site supervisor collaborate to prepare road construction.

The excavator loads the hauler with material that can then be delivered to the dozer that distributes the material to prepare a road surface.

virtual training space


In this exercise one user operates an ambulance and receives a call about a car collision on a country road.

The user drives from an emergency centre to the collision site where an avatar user provides assistance in the role of a medical officer.

The medical officer provides the ambulance driver information about the collision site, before transporting the patient safely back to the emergency centre.



A harvester, a forwarder and an avatar work together to clear a small forest.

The avatar is equipped with measuring tools which is used to verify the length of cut timber or measuring passages between trees.

The spray can tool is used for marking trees to then be cut by the harvester.

The harvester cut trees and the forwarder loads the timber and transports it out to the unloading zones.