Practice. Fail. Learn. Repeat. Over and over, until you are ready for the roads!

While we are beginners and still learning, things will go wrong. It is from repeated failures that we can learn what to do better next time. Our learning tools TRR and TSS will help with just that!

Use TRR, Tenstar Record & Replay, to review your driving, analyse your mistakes and learn from them. Combine this with TSS, Tenstar Scoring System, with in-depth scoring reports, and you have a powerful toolkit for effective learning with our simulators.

Prepare for reality.

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The Articulated Hauler

The Tenstar Articulated Hauler has been around for many years....

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Introducing Jon Eilert

We're thrilled to now be welcoming Jon Eilert Andersrød as Tenstar's new Area Sales Manager in Norway!...

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