MME BECOMES VTS – the optimal practice environment!

Several years ago, we introduced our MME (Multi Machine Environment) to the world of simulation.

Today we are excited to present the next-level evolution of this concept: Virtual Training Space, or VTS. Set up your very own VTS area and have machines, vehicles, and VR avatars working together!

Teamwork is the core of any work environment, so we prioritize this by making the process of working together as easy and efficient as possible. With our VTS, users can now enter the simulation in first person as an avatar by using a VR headset. This allows for a truly interactive environment, where instructors can guide users directly within the simulator. Users can also perform realistic machine inspections, directly from their VR station.

It has never before been easier to master such a large variety of machines and vehicles in a fully collaborative environment!

Welcome to our world of simulation.

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