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"Nothing is left to chance with this team."

In 2019 we released the first version of the Tenstar Car simulator. Since then, a lot has happened, but today we wanted to do a little throwback to examine what key factors contributed to what might be one of our most thought-through projects to date.

With the mission to provide an educational addition to traditional driving at the typical traffic school, the Tenstar team quickly identified the need for external participants and collaborators to bring on their perspectives and knowledge. To name a few, the Swedish traffic school Karlstad trafikskola, provided us with what they believed to be their most essential needs. Adding to that STR - Sveriges trafikutbildares riksförbund, contributed with many important points.

When asked about the car simulator, the CEO of Tenstar, Freddy Lund, puts it like this:

"We had our eyes on creating a car simulator for quite a while. So when we saw the need for a traffic environment for other simulators, like the tractor, we took the opportunity to begin. When it came to realism, cutting-edge graphics, and educational tools, the need was huge. And that's definitely what we do best.
- Freddy Lund, CEO.

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The very first version of the Tenstar Car focused on the most basic of maneuvering; the movement of the car, braking, shifting gears, etc. And to this day, those are still some of the areas where traffic schools can save a lot of money. And the Tenstar Car is still evolving - with the latest exercises, including laws and regulations, country road, and highway, the Tenstar Car will cover all elements of the education plan. Fredrik Alexandersson, Senior Developer at Tenstar, has had the Car simulator as one of his main projects:

The idea is that the Tenstar Car should be easy to integrate into the existing curriculum at the schools, and the content should reflect the learning sequences in real life. For example, we knew early on that the environment and conditions had to include night driving and slippery conditions, both challenging and essential parts of driver education.
- Fredrik Alexandersson, Senior Developer.

When Fredrik shows us the different components of the Car project, he can’t help but pause at some of the details of the exercises.

When you look at the levels at which we've perfected the metrics and details during this project, I can't help but smile. Take a look under the hood, and you'll find what makes us stand out and deliver more effective products than our competitors. The ambitious and carefully put together underlying systems. Nothing is left to chance with this team.
- Fredrik Alexandersson, Senior Developer.

Please contact your local sales representative for more information on how you can benefit from simulation.


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