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Making use of what simulation has to offer.

SOMA College is one of Tenstar Simulation's oldest customers, and our working relationship started ten years ago. Today, their simulation room includes 18 Tenstar simulators, and their most recent order included an upgrade on ten of the units to a comprehensive motion base platform system. As a school providing professional machine education for ground, road, and waterworks, they've indeed taken advantage of what simulation has to offer.

Richard Kleinjan has been a teacher at SOMA College for 12 years. We sat down with him to see what he believes to be the benefits and how the school use simulation today.

"The students get acquainted with the machines through simulation. The more they practice, the better. I've been an operator for 15 years, and so for me, operating is routine, but there are a lot of hours behind it. I know what to expect from the machines, and I can translate that for the students using the simulators. A simulator is a perfect tool for a teacher. It'll keep the students going, challenge them throughout the learning process."

- Richard Kleinjan, Teacher at SOMA College.

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During the first year at SOMA College, students get familiar with the machines through the simulators. And as they move on to the second year, things get more complicated as GPS is introduced. The students have the opportunity to train safely inside and then repeat and practice what they've learned on traditional machines at the outdoor training ground.

"Sometimes students get a bit surprised, actually, at how well the simulators work. The students are very eager to learn, and we have to keep them occupied, so they don't get bored. That's partly the reason why we do things in a pedagogical and specific order. The Tenstar Multi Machine Environment - MME, for example, is not introduced until later on. We have to save some of the features to keep them going. You need to know how to walk before you can run."

Richard also adds that traditional machines are getting more and more expensive. And if using simulators can help reduce costs from both ends - avoiding costly accidents by inexperienced users and at the same time reduce the number of traditional machines needed, then that's great—a definite return of investment.

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