Record your exercise and watch it back with TRR

Tenstar Record and Replay makes it possible for users to replay a sequence in full 3D and learn from what happened.

The training sessions are automatically saved and stored as small files, with a new ground-breaking solution. We believe that this feature will not only help students improve their driving; it will also give them a better understanding of their surroundings.

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This timeline feature provides the instructor with an extended tool to follow up and provide feedback to the student. This makes it possible to understand why a situation occurred and how it could be prevented. The replay can be run on the simulator via the touch control or at the teacher’s computer both with a uniquely intuitive interface.

Analyze, evaluate and improve

Users can now record whole training sessions and store them as small files, with a new ground-breaking solution. The exercises can be replayed from any chosen angle at any given time.

Analyze the exercise both from within the vehicles from the driver's view, and also from an external viewpoint.

Choose the sequence you want to analyze, pause, adjust the view in 3D, start again, and learn from what happened.

Now available with Car and Long Hauler. More machines to come!

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