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Tenstar Tractor 2021 1920

Experience the Tenstar simulator

Tenstar Simulation offers the unique ability to combine several machine types using the same platform, providing the benefit of flexible and cost-effective learning....

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QS 3up 1280x800px

Quick-switch lets you change joysticks in 10 seconds

Using our simulator with the correct controllers for each machine or vehicle is essential for an authentic experience....

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Ambulance 2020

The Tenstar Ambulance

We're excited to now share a sneak-peek of our latest vehicle, soon coming your way!...

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Slippery 2021 webb car

A new set of Car exercises

Designed by experts...

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TRR car 1440px

Record your exercise and watch it back with TRR

Tenstar Record and Replay makes it possible for users to replay a sequence in full 3D and learn from what happened....

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Michael EUCOVID Linked In 2020 web

Accelerating the learning during a pandemic

The interest in simulation is strongly increasing. Following the Coronacrisis, organizations are beginning to realize how much they can benefit from s...

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Tenstar TUX Touch TE

The new Tenstar User Xperience – TUX

We're now replacing the old Tenstar client with our brand new user interface....

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Car Night Dark 2000x1000 4

Driving in the dark

Nights are getting longer, and the afternoons are getting darker. With less daylight here in The Northern Hemisphere, driving becomes more challenging...

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VR Mikael Linked In 2020 1 web


With the use of Tenstar simulators together with VR-headsets, we have, on several occasions, witnessed how experienced machine operators efficiently p...

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FL paddle control 1280x800px

The new paddle controller for forklift

A much-needed solution that we're now happy to present to you, and as always, custom-built for simulation....

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