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Driving in the dark

Nights are getting longer, and the afternoons are getting darker. With less daylight here in The Northern Hemisphere, driving becomes more challenging.

The risk of accidents is somewhere between two to three times higher than when driving in broad daylight. To spot an obstacle or a person in the dark is difficult; even when there are streetlights, your sight is still limited. The human eye is simply not well adapted to darkness. To minimize the risks, you must, for example, learn how to use the Car's lights properly.

The Tenstar Programmers have been working hard on developing exercises devoted to teaching safe conduct when driving in the dark. The exercises include essential elements like headlight ranges, line of sight, meeting other vehicles, etc. The importance of knowing how to act and where to look can not be stressed enough.

And may we add, as some of you enjoy the light of summer in the Southern Hemisphere, there is no need not to practice driving in the dark. Just use a Tenstar Simulator - with the choice of darkness whenever, wherever.

Two new exercises for the Car are available as of September 29th, 2020.

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