Feedback for effective training with tenstar simulator

Tenstar Scoring System

Feedback for more effective learning

Tenstar Scoring System provides performance-based scorecards and progress charts - focusing on Safety, Quality and Economy - enabling evaluation, feedback and incentive for user progress and development.

Tenstar scoring system for simulator training

The scorecard and progress charts allow the instructor to track each user’s development making it possible to give unique and personal instructions for every user. The Scoring System also enables real time feedback, ensuring continued and focused improvement in key areas.

Tenstar scoring system

A review shows immediately after a completed exercise with the score on Quality, Safety, and Economy.

effective training with a Tenstar simulator


Simulation strengthens the students

Simulators allow students to gain more hours in the machine or vehicle regardless of season and weather and can even practice on their own with minimal teacher presence.

Safe training with a Tenstar Simulator


Simulation reduces accidents

Students train in a safe and relaxed environment and can practice extreme situations and operations without risking injury or machine damage.

A simulator reduces emission and are friendly to the environment


Simulation reduces emissions

Producing and running a simulator leaves a minimal climate footprint, compared to a traditional machine running on fossil fuels.

Simulation is cost-effective solution


Simulation is cost-effective

A simulator is a smart investment with low operating costs and minimal downtime. And one teacher can train several students simultaneously.

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