Rosa Kortet, the largest traffic school in the Dalarna region in Sweden, has a clear goal: to be at the forefront in regard to pedagogy, psychology, technology, and the climate. The company´s core goal made Alexandra, who runs the driving school, contact Tenstar Simulation to take the first step towards buying a simulator. After testing the simulator, they decided to buy it and they already see several advantages.

  • Rosa Kortet has many students who cannot practice with a supervising driver at home. A simulator is an excellent option for practicing driving without paying driving school teachers for the lesson for these students.
  • The simulator is a way for students to get a lot more practice in terms of reversing, parking, and other elements that require many hours of training before they get it right.
  • Most of the students who have tried the simulator think it’s great, because they get to work in peace, and do the training step by step, at their own pace.
  • The simulator is available in several languages, which is a huge advantage, as Rosa Kortet has many students who do not have Swedish as their first language.
"We aim to use the simulator as an extension of us, to give students a more eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and smoother way to practice."
Alexandra Larsson
owner Rosa Kortet driving schoo
"When using the simulator correctly, you have a good amount of preliminary knowledge as you enter a real car. This can absolutely lead to fewer hours on the road."
Alexandra Larsson
owner Rosa Kortet driving school

  • The largest driving school in the Dalarna region, Sweden.
  • Provides education for driving mopeds, cars, and cars with trailers.
  • Twelve passenger cars available.
  • Has a Mobile unit simulator from Tenstar Simulation.
  • One hour in the simulator is included for everyone who registers at the driving school. Students can then book hours in the simulator via the student booking portal.