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Tenstar´s Traffic Simulator offers a full-scale training tool for educating drivers which takes the user without prior knowledge through step-by-step exercises based on the industry's training plan. The well-developed graphics, the authentic features and the driveability creates a realistic experience. The simulator is equipped with interchangeable pedals, manual or automatic gearbox, adjustable steering wheel and seat belt. The traffic simulator is also VR-ready, which further provides an opportunity to improve the sense of reality.


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traktor bakskarm feb 2015 tom green

Tenstar's long hauler is targeted to the transportation sector and the recommended setup is as follows:

  • 3-screen portrait solution
  • Motion base platform
  • Smart steering wheel with force-feedback
  • Professionals pedals
  • Interactive touch screen
  • Headtracking
  • VR-Ready
  • Analysis and monitoring tools TSS
longhauler basic
Basic excercises

This exercise will cover the basics of driving the long hauler.


  • Introduction to vehicle
  • Position the long hauler in squares

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longhauler trailer
Driving with trailer

Step by step the user introduces to all exercises regarding driving with a trailer.


  • Learning coupling and decoupling
  • Learning coupling and decoupling - repetition
  • Learning mirrors and blind spots
  • Turning and positioning the long hauler
  • Practicing driving via obstacle course
  • Turning on streets
  • Reversing and turning
  • Reversing into squares
  • Reversing between cones
  • Reversing between cones (harder)
  • Turning around in intersection

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longhauler demo2

An open exercise with customization of goals. 


  • Free practice – The user exercise freely in city environment.

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The Simulator Client is the fundamental management system which maintain user accounts, exercise performance, access levels, network communications, simulators, etc.

statistics teacher

Teachers tool - Read more

Keep track of each student
  • Change language
  • Create student accounts
  • Divide students per group or class
  • Managing student access to the simulators
  • Manage access to the various exercises

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