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Counterbalanced Forklift offers a full-scale training tool for the education of Counterbalanced Forklift operators.

The system provides a realistic simulator with self-instructive exercises that portray real-life environments.

Simulator setup with professional driving seats and controls, 3 pcs LCD display front.


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Theory in practice
Section 1 - Theory in practice

A series of exercises to get familiar with the parts of the balanced truck, daily inspections and exercises for learning center of mass and tipping limits

Excercises section 1

  • Parts of the balanced truck
  • Controls
  • Daily safety check
  • Center of mass and tipping limits

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Driving exercises
Section 2 - Driving exercises

A series of exercises where the operator will learn everything from basic to advanced driving, goods handling, loading and unloading truck.

Excercises section 2

  • Basic driving
  • Driving with a load
  • Sharp turns
  • Basic goods handling
  • Handling cargo
  • Stacking
  • Irregular and wide loads
  • Load a truck
  • Unload a truck

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Multi user exercises
Section 3 - Multi user exercises

Allows multiple users to work in the same environment that encourages communication and teamwork.

Excercises section 3

  • Unload trucks(cooperation)
  • Load trucks(cooperation)
  • Full work exercise(cooperation)

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