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Excavator operator is a creative profession that optimally combines solid craftsmanship with modern technology. As in all skilled trades, it requires extensive training to become a skilled professional. With Tenstar wheel excavator you can obtain just that.

The wheel excavator offers a full-scale training tool for the education of excavator operators. Containing a full simulator with realistic audio and visual display, it provides self-instructive exercises that portray real-life construction environments. A complete guide with database logging allows for monitored feedback by the instructor.

The excavator simulator is developed in collaboration with schools that train machine operators, mechanical contractors and commissioners of construction projects.


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The wheel excavator simulator is optimized for the Construction hardware setup - including:

  • 3-screen portrait solution
  • Motion base platform
  • Professional drivers seat
  • 2 professional joysticks
  • 3-pedal solution
  • Smart steering wheel with force-feedback
  • Simulator server

Hardware - Read more

OEM  Industrial Joystick controls
The Tenstar simulators are equipped with OEM controls from suppliers such as SVAB with their professional and well-known L8 joysticks.
OEM Industrial seat
The Tenstar simulators are equipped with professional seat from high quality manufacturers BeGe and Grammer.
traktorstol grammer
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Motion Base Technology
The Tenstar Motion Base is a hardware option that will enhance the real-life experience even more. The motion base is featured with three degrees of freedom (3DoF) which allows realistic movements like pitch, roll and heave.

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wheel excavator excersise 1
Section 1 - Introduction

A series of exercises that focuses on pre-maintenance of the excavator and the functions of the levers.

Excercises section 1

  • Excavator setup
  • Steps before driving
  • Steps after driving
  • Function of the levers

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wheel excavator excersise 2
Section 2 - Driving

A series of driving exercises where the operator gets the opportunity to train mobility with forward and backward driving.

Excercises section 2

  • Driving in mapped track between cones
  • Driving "backwards" between cones
  • Driving amongst moving obstacles

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wheel excavator excersise 3b
Section 3 - Training

A series of excavating exercises where the operator trains advanced pallet, dipper and bucket combinations.

Excercises section 3

  • Levers maneuvering
  • Button functions of the levers
  • Grabber
  • Switching aggregats
  • Bucket precision
  • Pallet handling
  • Pallets handling and loading

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wheel excavator excersise 4
Section 4 - Safety

A series of safety exercises where the operator needs to deal with complex real-life situations, incl. surrounding and unexpected objects like co-workers, vehicles and spectators.

Excercises section 4

  • Unloading a truck
  • Placing objects in shaft
  • Placing pallets
  • Multi-exercise in safety

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The Simulator Client is the fundamental management system which maintain user accounts, exercise performance, access levels, network communications, simulators, etc.

statistics teacher

Teachers tool - Read more

Keep track of each student
  • Change language
  • Create student accounts
  • Divide students per group or class
  • Managing student access to the simulators
  • Manage access to the various exercises

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