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Wheel loader offers a full-scale training tool for the education of wheel loader operators.

The system provides a realistic simulator with self-instructive exercises that portray real-life environments.

A complete guide with database logging allows for monitored feedback by the instructor.


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The wheel loader simulator is optimized for the Agriculture Hardware setup - including:

  • 4-screen portrait solution
  • Motion base platform
  • Professional drivers seat
  • 1 professional joysticks
  • 3-pedal solution
  • Smart steering wheel with force-feedback
  • Interactive touch screen controller
  • Simulator server
wheel loader excersise 1
Section 1 - Introduction

A series of exercises that focuses on basic controls and operating the vehicle and daily inspections.

Exercises section 1

  • Controls
  • Daily inspections

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wheel loader excersise 2
Section 2 - Driving

A series of driving exercises where the operator gets the opportunity to learn to use the trunk control.

Exercises section 2

  • Trunk control
  • Reversing exercise
  • Advanced driving exercise

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wheel loader excersise 3
Section 3 - Handling tools

A series of exercises where the operator trains to attach and detach different types of tools.

Exercises section 3

  • Moving tools
  • Dipper
  • Crane fork
  • Loading timber

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wheel loader excersise 4
Section 4 - Bucket

A series of exercises where the operator practise working with the bucket.

Exercises section 4

  • Loading smaller stones
  • Grade a parking lot
  • Grade a road surface
  • Grade a side slope

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wheel loader excersise 5
Section 5 - Crane Fork

A series of exercises where the operator practise working with the Crane Fork.

Exercises section 5

  • Pallet lifter
  • Lifting in stages
  • Wide load
  • Obscuring loads

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wheel loader excersise 6
Section 6 - Field exercises

A exercises to practise all fundamental operations for the wheeled loader.

Exercises section 6

  • Unloading a lorry

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wheel loader excersise 7
Section 7 - Exercises based on time

The aim of the exercise if to drive the wheel loader through the checkpoints track in time.

Exercises section 7

  • Obstacle course

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The Simulator Client is the fundamental management system which maintain user accounts, exercise performance, access levels, network communications, simulators, etc.

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Teachers tool - Read more

Keep track of each student
  • Change language
  • Create student accounts
  • Divide students per group or class
  • Managing student access to the simulators
  • Manage access to the various exercises

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