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Tractor offers a full-scale training tool for the education of tractor operators.

The system provides a realistic simulator with self-instructive exercises that portray real-life environments

Simulator setup with professional driving seats and controls, 3 pcs 48" LCD display front and 1 pcs 48" LCD display rear.


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The tractor simulator is optimized for the Agriculture Hardware setup - including:

  • 4-screen portrait solution
  • Motion base platform
  • Professional drivers seat
  • 1 professional joystick
  • 3-pedal solution
  • Smart steering wheel with force-feedback
  • Interactive touch screen controller
  • Simulator server
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Learning the construction of the machine and the names of the most important parts.


  • Tractor layout
  • Maintenance

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Driving exercises where the operator learns how to handle the tractor and the trailer.


  • Obstacle course
  • Reversing with trailer
  • Attaching the trailer
  • Attach equipment
  • Unload combine harvester

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Practice using different equipments while driving the tractor.


  • Mower
  • Rotary rake
  • Baler
  • Handling bales
  • Forage wagon

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Basic plowing and harrow techniques.


  • Introduction to the plough
  • Harrow

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Tractor in traffic

Driving in traffic.


  • Control before driving in traffic
  • Start and stop
  • Basic driving
  • Intersections and rules for giving way
  • Roundabouts
  • Driving on a public road
  • Eco-driving
  • Driving in an urban environment

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traktor ovningar praktiskutrustning
Working scenarios

Working with different scenarios.


  • Mower and rake
  • Rake and baler
  • Baler and bale handler
  • Multi exercise

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traktor ovningar mme

The exercise let multiple students practice

co-driving and communication


  • Tractors unloading combine harvester
  • Mulitplayer competition
  • Bale grip bowling
  • Co-operative loading of bales

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The Simulator Client is the fundamental management system which maintain user accounts, exercise performance, access levels, network communications, simulators, etc.

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Teachers tool - Read more

Keep track of each student
  • Change language
  • Create student accounts
  • Divide students per group or class
  • Managing student access to the simulators
  • Manage access to the various exercises

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