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Tenstar Harvester Simulator offers a full scale training tool for education of forestry machine operators, which takes the user without prior knowledge to final harvesting through step-by-step exercises. The highly-developed graphics, machine and material behavior create a realistic experience. The end user can set up his exercise by himself. The simulator may be integrated with a bucking system and equipped with professional steering controls. All the exercises are based on real machine execution. In the multi-machine exercises, harvesters and forwarders work in the same environment.


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Hårdvarusetup 2

Tenstar's harvester is targeted to the agriculture sector and the recommended setup is as follows:

  • 4 screens, 3 front portrait solution och 1 landscape rear
  • Motionbase
  • Professional driver seat
  • Professional joysticks
  • Professional pedals
  • Interactive touch screen
  • Headtracking
  • VR-ready
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Service and maintenance

The student can move around the harvester and inspect it for eventual faults.


  • Pre-start check

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Control exercises

Step by step the student will be introduced to all controls needed to drive the harvester and also leveling and crane controls.


  • Drive
  • Level
  • Crane

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övning 8

The student navigates the harvester around obstacles and through gates in various terrains to positioning the harvester.


  • Basic driving - slalom & gates
  • Basic driving - thinning
  • Driving while working

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övning 10
Working with the harvester

Step-by-step instructions will teach the user the techniques required to grip and cut trees.


  • Gripping and cutting
  • Optimizing route

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Configurable scenarios

This is an open-ended exercise to simulate real working conditions.


  • Harvesting
  • Thinning

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Configurable scenarier

Exercises where the user practices working with different scenarios.


  • Demonstration scenario
  • Competition exercise

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MME - Multi Machine Environment

Several users exercise handling the harvester and forwarder by harvesting a small forest area together.


  • Harvester and Forwarder are working together

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The Simulator Client is the fundamental management system which maintain user accounts, exercise performance, access levels, network communications, simulators, etc.

statistics teacher

Teachers tool - Read more

Keep track of each student
  • Change language
  • Create student accounts
  • Divide students per group or class
  • Managing student access to the simulators
  • Manage access to the various exercises

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