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Tenstar Scoring System provides a score based on Safety, Quality and Economy. The reporting tool enables a follow up on the students’ progress and charts the improvements over a given period of time. The real time feedback provided via the scoring system to the learner, is vital in ensuring continued focused improvements are achieved in targeted key areas and a permanent record is logged on the system.

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The points can then be used to see how a student performed in an exercise in each category. This means that students and teachers can see the student’s development over time and help identify areas where the student needs improvement. After an excercise, the student and the teacher can create a report to see the details of different metrics during exercise, for example, bucket height of the platform during loading or fuel consumption. The simulator stores various behaviors and actions the student makes during exercise and weights these metrics to get a score in each category. Various exercises have different metrics depending on the task being performed.

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