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Since the risk of accidents is negligible in a simulator, inexperienced operators can start driving from day one.

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Effective training

A simulator based training is available every day of the year, regardless weather conditions or the presence of a teacher.

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Operation costs

For the cost of one 28 ton excavator, you can have up to 10 simulators - and with a much lower maintenance cost.

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The climate impact of an education cycle can be reduced by up to 30%.

Safety is naturally of highest concern when educating heavy machine operators. There are a lot of risks involved when unexperienced drivers are managing the controls of powerful machines - and the risk of accidents and damages are always present - needing a instructor to constantly supervise the real-life training session for each student.
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A simulator based training concept is very effective since the student easily can practice all excercises on his/her own without the need of an instructor being present - and also regardless of bad weather conditions as snow, ice, frozen grounds, wet grounds or darkness.
The teacher can easily follow up the progress of each student by using the integrated reporting tool.
The operating cost of a simulator compared to a real machine is just a fraction in comparison. A simulator is a great addition to a real machine and an effective way to keep costs down. The investment in a medium-sized excavator corresponds to approximately 9 training simulators.

Real machine cost

•  Depreciation
•  Fuel
•  Maintenance
•  Repairs
•  Insurence

Your calculation 

Simulator cost

•  Depreciation
•  Service agreement
•  Electricity

Approx. 1 € / hour

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 The impact of a simulator set-up on the environment is only about 3% of that of a “real” machine.
By complementing real machines with simulator based training, the climate impact of an education cycle can be reduced by up to 30%(*). This way you too can make a contribution and set a clear environmental footprint for your school or organisation.
(*) Ref. Study performed by Helena Andersson (Helsyn Miljö & Kvalitet) and Mikael Nilsson (Green Human Project AB), 2009-04-28