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Simulation based training is about providing an exercise environment that prepare the students for of real-life experience in all aspects possible, but also about providing solid educational tools and reports to ensure best possible results of the students. 

The Tenstar Simulators are equipped with professional driver seats and real OEM controls
The different hardware configurations are dependent of the machine types that are installed. Typical basic setups are Construction, Transportation and Agriculture, but there are several options and additions to optimize the hardware setup to specific needs.
The simulators can also be equipped with motion-base platforms for an even more realistic experience .
Combination Simulator
Several machines in one simulator - offer the ability to combine several different machine types within the same simulator hardware providing the benefit of flexible and cost effective learning.
Combination Simulator

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joystick l8
OEM  Industrial Joystick controls
The Tenstar simulators are equipped with OEM controls from suppliers as SVAB with their professional and well-known L8 joysticks.
OEM Industrial seats
The Tenstar simulators are equipped with professional seat from high quality manufacturers as BeGe and Grammer.
traktorstol grammer
unit motionbase green
Motion Base Technology
The Tenstar Motion Base is a hardware option that will enhance the real-life experience even more. The motion base is featured with three degrees of freedom (3DoF) which allows realistic movements like pitch, roll and heave.

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tenstar tractor field
Tenstar Simulator graphics are designed with emphasis on real-life modeling of machines and real-life work environments to achive the best practice experience possible for the students.
The combination of the latest in modern gaming technology together with advanced engineering ensures Tenstar provides quality simulators with "mechanical realism".
traktor aker web
Driving skills
Mastering controls
Safety awareness
Machine applications
Tenstar simulators come with a large range of different exercises for various work tasks of increasing difficulty. The exercises have been developed in collaboration with experienced machine operators and representatives from the heavy machinery industry.
All simulator systems are featuring a complete reporting system, giving the teacher full statistics of the progress and results for each individual student.
statistics teacher
upgrade proof
Tenstar Simulation provides frequent updates and upgrades for exercises, administration tools and new features, constantly enhancing the educational concept.