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Car simulator

Car simulator

Car simulator

Safety takes center stage in the Tenstars Car Simulator, where users can practice and hone their driving skills in a risk-free virtual environment. From basic traffic rules to advanced defensive driving techniques, the simulator offers a comprehensive curriculum to educate users on responsible and safe driving practices.

Exercise examples

Developed in collaboration with recognized authorities, our curriculum ensures an education that seamlessly fits into existing programs, all within the simulator. Students begin by learning basic theory, acquire the essential skills for vehicle control, and eventually move up to tackle more advanced aspects and manoeuvres.

Explore handpicked exercises from our curriculum, ranging from foundational concepts to advanced techniques.

EXERCISE examples


  • Controls och driving position
  • Position of the gears
  • Practice to find the right gears

EXERCISE examples

initial manouevring

  • Starting and stopping
  • Creeping forward
  • Practice basic manoeuvring
  • Practising starting and stopping

EXERCISE examples


  • Basic reversing
  • Practising reversing
  • Reversing around corners
  • Practising reversing around corners
  • Vehicle length and width
  • The vehicle’s turning radius
  • Practise turning
  • Practise turning (more difficult)
  • Practise parking
  • Practise parking among vehicles
  • Practise parking among vehicles and pedestrians
  • Parallel parking
  • Practice parallel parking

EXERCISE examples


  • Rules and concepts – Introduction
  • Intersections and basic rules for giving way
  • Practice meeting traffic at an intersection
  • Intersections and road signs
  • Junctions and traffic signals
  • Practice driving through intersections

EXERCISE examples


  • Driving in slippery conditions
  • Experience slippery conditions and aquaplaning
  • Practising driving when there is a risk of slippery conditions
  • Limited visibility caused by the weather
  • Practising driving in rain



Reduces accidents

Users train in a safe and relaxed environment, meaning they can practice extreme situations and operations without risking injury or machine damage.


Reduces emissions

Producing and running a simulator leaves a minimal climate footprint, compared to a traditional machine running on fossil fuels.



Simulators allow users to gain more hours in the machine or vehicle regardless of season and weather. They can even practice on their own with minimal teacher presence.



A simulator is a smart investment with low operating costs and minimal downtime. 

Compared to a real machine, the operating cost of a simulator is just a fraction.



Record and replay sessions for comprehensive review, manage student progress seamlessly, and enhance accessibility by converting all text into speech. Elevate learning with innovative technology.



Realism in simulator-based education is paramount for an immersive and effective learning experience. Simulators, replicating real-world scenarios, provide hands-on training without actual risks, enhancing retention and fostering adaptability in learners.



Shape your simulator experience with top-tier accessories. From responsive steering wheels to precise joysticks and pedals, our high-quality options guarantee a personalized and immersive adventure to match your preferences.


steering wheel

The Tenstar Steering wheel is an integral part of our simulators which adds to an authentic driving experience. You can choose between two different types and three sizes, providing the best fit for each vehicle and machine.

  • Durable metal construction for quality and autentic feel.
  • Adjustable position for stepless angle adjustment for driver comfort, at any time without tools.
  • 3 sizes Compatible with all our simulators.
  • Control stem for signals, horns, lights etc.
  • Developed for simulation. With the most realistic user experience in the industry.
  • Dynamic force feedback. Customizable spring and damper settings with 20Nm of torque.



Driving in the city and urban areas can be challenging for all drivers. This simulator has exercises that handle red lights, pedestrians, bicycles, and other drivers in an intense city.


City driving

Driving in the city and urban areas can be challenging for all drivers. This simulator has exercises that handle red lights, pedestrians, bicycles, and other drivers in an intense city.


country road driving

The country road presents different challenges than the urban areas. Here, we encounter higher speeds, wildlife, and overtaking.


Weather conditions

The Tenstar Simulator puts the driver in sitations where they need to handle icy roads, sunny streets, fog and pouring rain.

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