Machine Control Training Simulator

Machine Control Training Simulator

For Excavator - now also for Dozer!

With the ever increasing adoption of machine control grading systems on todays’ construction sites, the need for quality training to enable the users to get the best from their investment has never been higher. It is not always practical to teach operators on the use of machine control once a construction site is in full production.

This is where simulated training offers an efficient method to educate an operator on all aspects of the grading systems. During the simulation training the operator can fully focus on understanding every aspects of the grading system. Once on site with the machine no time is lost, the site benefits from the efficiency and cost savings which the machine control system delivers.

Benching, Laser and GPS methods are all available when using the system, this allows the student to decide when it’s correct to use each method of measurement based on the site application.

For example a trenching application can use the laser 2D guidance solution whilst the highway construction uses the 3D GPS control. The system can also measure and record data for as-built purposes and/or design creation.

The trainer can be confident the machine operator has the ability to use the machine control system prior to going on to a live construction site. Users also have the option to load their own design files or use the pre-set design examples.

Through very close working partnerships Tenstar Excavator Simulator is compatible with industry leading machine control providers such as Leica, Topcon, Trimble and Novatron. Now the DOZER can be added on the same hardware, working together with the Trimble Earthworks.

Simply by adding the chosen machine control providers screen interface to the simulator hardware the user has the ability to fully train as if installed on an actual machine.

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