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Simulation provides increased training hours, leading to improved students. Along with low operating costs and minimal environmental impact, the simulator becomes a logical choice for all driver education.

Our car simulator offers a full-scale training tool with realistic machine experience thanks to professional components and a realistic graphic environment. With extensive training scenarios, the user can practice on all aspects of realistic driving situations as well as perform tests to confirm their knowledge. In a safe learning environment, training opportunities are provided for students at all levels to improve their ability to safely and efficiently drive a car.

Recommended hardware

3 landscape screens in the front + 1 landscape screen to the rear
Tenstar professional steering wheel
Professional drivers seat
Professional hanging pedals
3-point safety belt
Choose between automatic or manual gearbox
Interactive touch screen

Using a VR-headset adds even more realism to the simulation.

With advanced graphics and better depth perception, using a VR-headset with our driving platform makes the experience more immersive.
Tenstar Motion Base

Tenstar Motion Base is a 3 DOF (Degree of freedom) platform.

Using advanced motion pattern technology which enhances the feeling of driving a real car.
Tenstar Steering Wheel

Our professional steering wheel offers a more realistic driving experience.

Designed and developed by Tenstar our steering wheel has unique characteristics adapted for different vehicles, which makes it perfect for simulation-based training.

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